WBUR Artery Praises Boston University Center for New Music

The Artery recently published an article praising Boston University’s Center for New Music. The piece focused on the residency of Beat Furrer, including his lectures, coaching sessions, and performances given at BU and in the Boston area.

BU has brought in many composers and performers over the years, including Olga Neuwrith and Du Yun, but Furrer’s residency is unique because Boston has now been exposed to work from Furrer previously unheard.

The article, written by Keith Powers, said listening to Furrer’s music is more than an ordinary experience.

“Experiencing Furrer’s music means transcending standard concepts about listening, and opening up to advanced experiments in alternate sound worlds. It’s worth it. His music carefully explores pitches, rhythms and dynamics, like all compositions do, but also explores ideas — how sound can be kaleidoscopic, or how speech transforms to singing, and vice-versa,” wrote Powers. 
Read the full article here.

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