Undergraduate Admissions

School of Theatre

Image: “Catalyst” devised by the Collective (photo by Daniel Bastidas)

Applying to an undergraduate program at Boston University’s School of Theatre requires two methods of application – one to Boston University, and one to the School of Theatre itself.

As artists, we know that preparing for an artistic review is a year long and evolving process.  However, we encourage students to begin their application to Boston University via the Common App as early as possible.  Information outlining this process can be found by visiting the BU Office of Undergraduate AdmissionsPlease note that Boston University is currently test-optional, so you do not need to provide SAT or ACT information.

After submitting your application to BU, you will receive a University ID number.  This BU ID number will be used in your application to the School of Theater.

Our application for the School of Theatre can be found via Acceptd, an additional site and communication tool. Students interested in either Performance or Design & Production would submit their Artistic Review materials through Acceptd.

Step 1—Submit an application

Visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and apply via the Common App to Boston University.  Prospective School of Theatre students apply to one of our BFA Core curriculums: Performance or Design & Production rather than declaring a major.  Major selection occurs during the first year of study.

Step 2— Prepare & Submit Materials via Acceptd

School of Theatre applications are conducted in the form of an Artistic Review.  Students interested in either Performance or Design & Production submit their program specific Artistic Review materials after creating a profile through Acceptd.  Program specific requirements can be found here:

You will be required to enter your BU ID number in your application process.  This is a nine-digit ID beginning with the letter U.  Students receive their BU ID up to three weeks after submitting completed applications to BU Admissions, and you can access this number on your MyBU Portal.  Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions directly for more information. The School of Theatre does not create BU ID numbers and cannot access them.

Please know there is a $30 submission fee for all applicants. If you need a fee waiver, please click here.

Step 3—  Ensure your FAFSA and CSS Profile are submitted

Boston University meets 100% of demonstrated financial need, for all four years of attendance, based on each student’s FAFSA and CSS profiles.  In order to receive this aid, you must complete and submit all required FAFSA and CSS forms.  You can learn more about Boston University’s financial aid policies here.