Living in Boston


Go anywhere in the world and ask people what comes to mind when you say the city’s name.

One of the first words you’ll hear is culture. Boston is synonymous with culture because music, fine art, and theatre have thrived in this city longer than anywhere else in the U.S. Here, it seems every other person you meet is busy creating something. To live in Boston without experiencing the arts is like living in California and never seeing a wave or a palm tree. The arts signify Boston because they are a way of life here.

Serious art in a lively city.

People are going for it here. They want to make art that says something, creates change, and lasts. Surrounded by inspiration, it’s natural to work hard here. But they also want to have fun and make lifelong friends. After all, artistic growth requires personal growth. We think the College of Fine Arts is the best of both worlds: small, personal programs where the faculty knows you and your work, combined with the resources of a major research university. As a BU student, you’ll be in the center of it all. Some of the world’s great arts institutions are within walking distance of campus: Symphony Hall, home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Museum of Fine Arts, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, to name just a few. On weekends, students stroll down Newbury Street stopping at galleries and cafes. They can select from a nearly limitless number of free or reduced-price concerts, plays, and exhibitions. While its cultural institutions are comparable to cities 10 times its size, Boston is small enough for you to meet people, make contacts, and get noticed. It’s also a beautiful place. Few students leave without having fallen in love with it and its University, which remain lodestars for the rest of their lives.


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