Graduate Tuition Rates and Fees

Below are the tuition and fee rates for Boston University College of Fine Arts on-campus and online programs and courses as of September 2024. The Trustees of the University reserve the right to change tuition rates or fees at their discretion. View the University tuition schedule for CFA.

Full-Time Study

Tuition is charged as follows for students enrolled full-time in School of Music, School of Theatre, and School of Visual Arts graduate programs.

Please note that tuition for these full-time graduate programs is substantially lower than the standard Boston University full-time tuition rate as an acknowledgment of the University’s support for the College of Fine Arts.

Full-Time During Academic Year


Part-time, Online, & Summer Study

Tuition is charged as follows for students enrolled in online degree programs and courses as well as students enrolled part-time in on-campus programs. All students taking courses during the summer semester pay per credit.

CFA students taking courses in the online program should register for a maximum of two 4-credit courses per semester (8 credits). Boston University considers students registered for 12 credits per semester to be full-time and are charged the Boston University full-time tuition rate.