Artisan Certificates

Our Artisan Certificate programs are 2-year programs designed for students who have completed a BA/BFA and are proficient in their craft but seek to enhance their artistic and technical experience in order to gain employment in leadership roles in the profession. The emphasis on training is geared to those who do not wish to pursue an MFA but find that they are in need of additional refinement of skill, experience, and collaboration in a professional conservatory setting. These programs are set in our new facility, the Boston University Production Center, at 820 Commonwealth Avenue.

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Scene Painting

The Artisan Certificate program in Scene Painting sets out to mentor the development of a visual critical sensibility through studying the craft of scenic painting, drawing, and the history of period styles, architecture, and ornament. Participants will gain facility with different mediums and tools in order to elaborate on and execute conceptual ideas. Production assignments in a variety of venues are integrated into the curriculum in order to further one’s understanding of the level of coordination and collaboration that the art form demands, as well as adding to the refinement of the use of materials, techniques and skills. The program is geared toward preparing participants to take on leadership roles in the profession. These skills are developed through supervising and mentoring production and crew assignments as well as being responsible for budgeting, scheduling and creating samples. Internships with leading regional theaters and PTI members across the country are encouraged.

Scenic Technology

The Artisan Certificate program in Scenic Technology allows for proficiency in and development of artistic and practical skills within theatrical technological systems and spaces as well as in communicative and collaborative ensembles. Skills will be developed in pneumatic systems, basic automation, metal and wood fabrication, and demonstration of ability to operate and maintain all shops. Participants will be offered multiple opportunities to work in a varieties of venues, internships with leading regional theaters and PTI members across the country, as well as take on leadership roles within production and collaborative ensembles.

Stage Management

The Artisan Certificate program in Stage Management sets out to create and encourage a keen theatrical sensibility, a sound working knowledge of technical production, strong organizational skills, and an effective ability in personnel management. The Stage Management program of study provides training in most major areas of theatre activity. It is devised to reflect and enrich each student’s own particular talents and interests. Extensive production work combines class room study and theoretical knowledge and puts it to the test. Participants share a common experience of both specific focus and broad responsibility that leads to a strong sense of community with designers, directors, and actors. Internships with leading regional theatres and Professional Theatre Initiative member companies across the country are encouraged.