Our Approach

Boston University College of Fine Arts is more than a community of artists—it is a specialized educational experience that demands inquiry and exploration, individuality and teamwork, and academic and artistic immersion. This is a place where students and faculty can fully explore and expand the study of music, theatre, and visual arts in the context of an elite research university.

Narrow your focus and broaden the scope of your thinking

BU College of Fine Arts encourages an environment of diverse interests and individual thinking. This is where you can participate in academic exercises that will stretch your abilities. Art is neither created nor experienced in isolation. Art is informed by the world in which we live. This is where your expression can be a powerful catalyst in political, cultural, environmental, and social discourse. This is where you will master the rigors of your craft, while challenging the status quo.

We are musicians and actors. Painters and composers. Costume designers and animators. Researchers and teachers. Activists and academics. Problem solvers and innovators. Achievers and leaders.

If you are ready to dedicate yourself to your craft, commit yourself to exploration and experimentation, and reach for excellence in your art and academics, then this is your place. This is your community of artists. This is BU College of Fine Arts.