Event Planning & Reporting

SLC Event Planning and Reporting:

CELL-MET’s ADMIN group provides support to the Student Leadership Council for their events and meetings. Brenda Hugot, CELL-MET Administrator, serves as the point of contact (bhugot@bu.edu) and liaison with the SLC and other staff.

The SLC Event Planning Form and SLC Event Reporting Form should be used by the SLC event organizer to:

– communicate early planning information to support liaison services for processing expenses at BU;

– obtain prior approval of the SLC event from a designated CELL-MET campus faculty/staff member:

  • UM: Lyonel Milton
  • FIU: Andrew Green
  • BU: Nozomi Ito

— assist in coordination of event expenses to charge appropriate CELL-MET funding;

— collect post-event reporting data and images that will be used for the annual report and/or website.

Notes on SLC expenses:

BU business practices dictate how CELL-MET can process SLC expenses.  Brenda will confirm appropriate information is provided, including an awareness of allowable costs and campus-level approval.

1)      Planning: BU sourcing must be used to order tangible materials that support an event. Materials will be shipped to the SLC event leader. This step is absolutely required for any Amazon purchases.  No reimbursements are possible;

2)      Planning: BU’s travel system must be used for payments of meeting-related food and beverages. The SLC event leader will coordinate with the ADMIN group to arrange pre-payments and avoid out-of-pocket costs.  We can arrange to pre-pay restaurants whether served in or out, e.g. pizza, sandwiches, beverages, catering. In some cases, reimbursements may have to be processed;

3)      Planning: On occasion, a media release form may be needed for an individual who is new to CELL-MET and who appears in an event-related image.

4)      Reporting: Post-event, the SLC event leader will provide report details to qualify event expenses as allowable costs under a federal award. The information will also serve as a brief summary to use in the annual report and website news.

Standard Points to Know and Share:

1)      Normally, CELL-MET funds will support its own event and students. CELL-MET funds must support a CELL-MET-related purpose. Avoid contributing to a broadly organized event if SLC attendees are not well-represented.

2)      CELL-MET Purpose is required to qualify meeting/event expenses:

  • What is the CELL-MET related purpose, i.e. what will be discussed and why relevant?
  • When will the event take place, i.e. date and time?
  • Who will attend, i.e. audience types and overall number.

3)      Costs of entertainment, including amusement, diversion and social activities, and any costs directly associated with such activities (such as tickets to shows or sporting events, meals, lodging, rentals, transportation and gratuities) are unallowable.

4)      No NSF funds may be requested or spent for alcoholic beverages.

5)      Gift cards are not allowable as prizes. Consider a suitable “student” item, e.g. external hard drive, lab notebook, etc.

6)      Please do not purchase items on your own – BU reimbursement is not guaranteed. Amazon purchases must be ordered via BU; reimbursement is not permitted.