K-12 Outreach

As part of the FIU Engineering Workforce Development component, led by FIU students Justin Fitch, Javier Garcia, and Cami Medera, along with the support of CELL-MET researchers, educational modules were created to relay CELL-MET concepts to middle school and high school students through our Engineers on Wheels outreach program.

The goal of the Florida International University Engineers on Wheels program is to visit South Florida K-12 schools to provide students with hands-on activities and engineering experiments, as well as expose them to career opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

Ayse Muniz, CELL-MET’s ERC Student Leadership Council President, participated at part of UM’s REACT Workshop this summer. Here, she was helping train teachers on research and integration of engineering in classroom curriculum. More information about the program and outcomes can be found in this news article. Professor Max Shtein, one of the ERC faculty members working in Thrust Area 1: Nanofabrication was a speaker at the workshop.

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