Community Outreach

CELL-MET Museum Activity Kits:

Can you guess which item is real and which exists only in our imaginations?

EEK! Overview

CELL-MET is committed to educating current and future engineering students through many community outreach efforts. Our newest initiative involves collaborating with museum partners to develop engineering and heart health-focused activities.

In fall 2019, we will launch Engineering Engagement Kits (EEK!). EEK! consists of eight hands-on activities meant to share CELL-MET research with the public while engaging children and families in dialogue around engineering skills and careers.

EEK! is a collaboration between CELL-MET and Boston University’s Office of Outreach and Diversity. Thanks to generous funding from the National Science Foundation, EEK! will be shared with museums across the U.S.

Your lab has 2 minutes to reveal research and successfully build heart tissue. Can you do it?

Learning Objects and Use

EEK! activities address five key learning objectives (LO). The learning objectives include helping students see themselves as engineers (LO1), highlighting some of skills that are important to engineering (LO2 and LO3), and showing how engineering helps people and society (LO4 and LO5).

These brief 1-5 minute activities are designed so they can be expanded and adapted in many educational settings outside of science centers, such as camps, afterschool programs, and classrooms.

What kind of engineer are you?

Kit Availability

The EEK! kits will be distributed to 50 museums. The application to receive a kit will open in Fall of 2019. Printable versions of the activities will also be available for download in January of 2020.

If you have any questions about the kit please contact Stacey Freeman ( or Sandra Rodegher ( for more information.