Tissue Engineering Course

Spring 2023

January 27: Dr. Sandra Rodegher, Boston University 

          “Group Innovation and Problem-Solving: From Participation to Co-Creation” Recording

February 3: Dr. Brendon Baker, University of Michigan

           “Microenvironmental mechanics govern engineered cardiac tissue assembly and maturation” 

February 10: Dr. Christopher Chen,  Boston University

            “Cardiac Tissue Engineering” 

February 24: Dr. Anant Chopra 

            “Tissue Engineering from an Industry Perspective” 

March 17: Dr. Emma Lejeune, Boston University 

“Curating mechanically relevant image-based data”  

March 24: Dr. Alice White, Boston University 

                         “Nanoscale 3D Printing Enables Cardiac Organ-on-Chip Models” 

March 31: Dr. Thomas Bifano, Boston University 

“Measuring engineered heart tissue contractile force” 

April 7: Student Presentations 

April 14: Student Presentation