T3: Cellular Engineering

Team Members

Chris Chen Picture 1
Christopher Chen (BU), Team Leader, chencs@bu.edu

Christine Seidman Picture
Christine Seidman (Harvard) cseidman@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Jonathan Seidman Picture
Jonathan G. Seidman (Harvard) seidman@genetics.med.harvard.edu

Gordana V-N Picture
Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic (Columbia) gv2131@columbia.edu

Research Thrusts

Cell type Generation

Research Picture 1

  • Generate patient specific iPS cardiomyocytes to capture genetic mutations and natural population variances
  • Develop 3D disease models
  • Use electro-mechanical stimulation to enhance cardiomyocyte maturation

Research Picture 2

Measuring contractile         Imaging sarcomere    Microscale patterning of 2D surfaces to control cell adhesion and shape
function of labeled
myocytes on hydrogels       Chopra A. et al.
                                              Dev.Cell  2018

  • Develop nano- and micro-structures, cell-adhesive glues, sensors and actuators designed to support living cells.
  • Determine how various materials impact cell contractile function, tissue electrical propagation.

Engineering Cell-Material Interactions and assembly in 3D

Research Picture 3
Legant W R et al. PNAS 2009                     

Top (above) and side view (below) of cells
compacting hydrogel to form tissue in
microwells with pillars

Picture 3b

An image of stained engineered cardiac tissues

  • Spatially control the adhesion of cells to materials using nano-adhesive and nano-topographies in 3D to form complex biomimetic architectures.
  • Investigate cell alignment and contractile behavior of engineered constructs.