Leadership Commitments

  1. Recruitment strategies to increase the representation of Black participants at all levels (students, leadership, and faculty) over the next four years.


  1. Development of an Inclusion repository. We will engage our CELL-MET colleagues in an anti-racism and inclusion program in addition to our existing diversity training.


  1. We will bring to bear the best available expertise to help us ensure our processes are free from bias and to support the attraction, development, advancement, and retention of Black and diverse faculty and students.


  1. We will create a CELL-MET Inclusion onboarding module for new CELL-MET faculty and students to support a more efficient Inclusion engagement upon joining CELL-MET.


  1. We will increase our engagement with diverse medical communities within three years.


  1. We will increase our outreach to underserved communities and build clear pathways to opportunities within CELL-MET.


  1. We will ensure diverse representation in our seminars and colloquia. This includes our Inclusion Thursday series.


  1. We will measure and share our results annually to ensure transparency and accountability. This is being led by the center evaluator and links to our overall assessment and continuous improvement goals.