Center Information:

Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Directed Multiscale Assembly of Cellular Metamaterials with Nanoscale Precision: CELL-MET

NSF Award Number: EEC-1647837

Award Period: October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2022

The Headquarters Office and student lounge are located on the ninth floor of the Boston University Photonics Center, 8 Saint Mary’s Street, Boston, MA.

CELL-MET Administrative Contacts:

Administrative Director: Robert Schaejbe

Administrative Manager: Nozomi Ito

Administrator: Brenda Hugot

Proposal Development and Budgeting: Cynthia Kowal

Finance Manager: Meghan Foley

Communication & Events Manager: Beth Mathisen

IT-Director of Tech & Systems: Bryan Batista

Sponsored Programs: Ann Lennon

Partner and Affiliate Site Contacts:

University of Michigan: Eva Ruff

Florida International University: Tiziana Leoni

Columbia University: Dragana Djuknic

Harvard Medical School: Susanne Bartlett

Operational Infrastructure:

CELL-MET’s administrative team coordinates with partner and affiliate sites, sponsors, and central offices at Boston University.

General: Robert Schaejbe, Administrative Director, works closely with CELL-MET’s Director and Deputy Director to conduct operational management, financial management and support of strategic initiatives, data collection and reporting, website, publicity and other communications. He facilitates activities with various Boards and Councils to support ERC strategic goals, meetings and annual site visits. The Administrative Director also provides support to non-technical components such as Innovation Ecosystem, Workforce Development, and Diversity/Culture of Inclusion.

CELL-MET staff includes Nozomi Ito, Administrative Manager, and Brenda Hugot, Administrator, who are liaison among various teams of the project. They create, manage and continuously improve the Center’s systems and procedures throughout the year to facilitate collaboration among sites and compile an extensive administrative database required for annual reporting.

In addition, the Boston University Photonics Center staff supports essential functions as follows:

Proposal and Budget Development: Cynthia Kowal is in charge of budgeting and developing funding proposals to be submitted as part of CELL-MET’s activities.

Financial Operations: Meghan Foley manages the post-award accounting, including invoicing, disbursements and purchases. She is a liaison between the Center and other departments and financial offices at the Boston University.

Safety Training: Dr. Helen Fawcett is the Point of Contact for CELL-MET Safety policies, manual updates, training, and assessment for new off-site locations.  She serves as liaison with all partnering institutions.

Cyber Infrastructure: Bryan Batista is the Point of Contact for the Center’s cyber infrastructure, including team data sharing, coordination among partner institutions, advising for hardware and software platforms used by the project, and IT support for meetings and events. He serves as liaison with the Boston University Office of Information Technology.

Event Planning: Beth Mathisen is the Point of Contact in support of CELL-MET annual meetings, special seminars, and events on the Boston University campus.  She will coordinate with colleagues at partner institutions as needed.