2018 Photonics Center Symposium on Frontiers of Cardiac Tissue

Symposium On Frontiers Of Cardiac Tissue – November 29, 2018

The 22nd Annual Boston University Photonics Center ‘Symposium On Frontiers Of Cardiac Tissue Engineering’ was held Thursday, November 29th, 2018.

Several professors from around the United States presented their latest research related to tissue engineering. Universities represented included Boston University, Harvard University, University of Wisconsin Madison, Columbia University, Duke University, University of Washington, George Washington University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The presentations lasted forty minutes each and covered topics such as ‘Tissue Engineering for Remuscularization of The Failing Heart’ and ‘Highly Parallel All- Optical Cardiac Electrophysiology Technology.’  

Many CELL-MET participants were in attendance, including students, staff, and faculty from Boston University, the University of Michigan, and Florida International University. Christopher Chen, Leader of Tissue Engineering Thrust Area, presented ‘Engineering Tissue Structure and Function.’ Center Director David Bishop welcomed everyone at the beginning of the symposium and Thrust Area 4 Leader, Thomas Bifano, made the closing remarks of the day.

The symposium concluded with a Reception and Research Poster Session in the atrium of the Photonics Center where graduate students showcased their latest research in tissue engineering, as attendees mingled.