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Preventing the Next Pandemic | The Brink

CEID director Dr. Nahid Bhadelia was among the panelists at the Massachusetts Consortium on Pathogen Readiness’s symposium on pandemic preparedness earlier this week. Recurring themes among the speakers were the importance of building trust among communities outside of times of emergency and the need for proactive public health infrastructure. Read on for The Brink’s coverage […]

Can We Prevent Antibiotic Resistance? | The Brink

CEID Faculty Dr. Kevin Outterson weighs in on the importance of  combatting Antimicrobial Resistance: ‘Antibiotics are unlike other medicines. As bacteria evolve to become resistant, the problem keeps getting worse…We have to run faster, just to avoid falling behind.’ “For Outterson, the work is personal. When his granddaughter was born, the family’s initial joy was […]

Uncovering COVID-19’s Hidden Deaths in the US | The Brink

CEID Faculty Dr. Andrew Stokes talks about his experience leading a team of researchers from BU, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to analyze COVID-19 mortality data.  “’Accurate and timely mortality surveillance is critical to pandemic preparedness and response efforts,’ he says. ‘Without accurate mortality data, it becomes very challenging to […]