Public Health Communications During Emerging Infectious Disease Outbreaks

The need for rapid public health literacy became evident at the onset of COVID-19 and the gap in the general public’s knowledge and understanding of public health remains as society navigates vaccine hesitancy, medical treatments, effective infection prevention strategy, science literacy, political divisions, and public policy recommendations. Promoting evidence- and science-based communication is vital to infectious disease preparedness and recovery both as a way to generate a greater and more accessible understanding of basic science and as a way to combat mis and disinformation. Despite its vital role during outbreaks, amplifying evidence-based public health literacy is nonetheless insufficient in meeting the grave and detrimental consequences of state-sponsored mis and disinformation.

CEID’s research in this space aims to measure the public impact of mis- and dis- information (with a focus on vulnerable populations) as well as identification of best practices to share information with the general public as well as specific stakeholders during a fast moving infectious diseases crisis.

Our Current Work In This Space: