• “Life in the Age of a Pandemic” photo contest

    Update (April 19, 2024) - Winners announced! First place: "No toilet paper?!" by Jennifer Atkins "In the beginning, before reality had set in, I took my kids shopping and we were stunned to see completely empty shelves where there had once been abundant supplies of paper goods (toilet paper, facial tissues, and... [ More ]

  • Research on Tap: Climate Change and Infectious Diseases – March 27, 2024

    Boston University's Office of Research presents Research on Tap KILACHAND CENTER EICHENBAUM COLLOQUIUM ROOM (ROOM 101) 610 COMMONWEALTH AVE BOSTON, MA 02215 Climate change and associated aberrant weather patterns are responsible for a wide array of health issues, posing an urgent need for research to guide evidence-based public health policy. While interdisciplinary connections... [ More ]