Student/Trainee Summer Research Grant Opportunity

Boston University’s Center on Emerging Infectious Disease (CEID) is pleased to announce the availability of two research grants (one for graduate students and one for doctoral and postdoctoral students) pursuing innovative research projects related to CEID’s mission. The project has to focus on public health, policy, clinical, social sciences, or data sciences research related to emerging infectious diseases, outbreaks, global health security, pandemic preparedness or the effects of any of the above. These grants aim to support students in their academic and professional development by providing financial assistance for their research endeavors. Each of the two awards are $5,000. Students should identify a faculty mentor who will oversee their research over the summer and can speak to their qualifications and experience.

Eligibility: We encourage graduate, doctoral and postdoctoral students (including medical students, residents, and fellows) from all disciplines to apply for this opportunity who are currently enrolled in a program at BU and will be in attendance in that program during Fall 2024 as well.

Application deadline for 2024 awards is March 29, 2024. Awardees will be announced by mid-April.

How to apply: Please email all application materials to The email should have the subject line “CEID Student Summer Research Grant Application.”

Application Requirements:

1. Curriculum Vitae (CV): Please provide a comprehensive CV detailing your academic background, research experience, publications (if any), and any relevant professional experience.

2. Budget: Submit a detailed budget outlining how the grant funds will be allocated for your research project. Be sure to include estimates for all anticipated expenses. The maximum award is $5,000.

a. Graduate student applications can use the funds for either their time over the summer or towards research expenses related to their proposed project

b. Doctoral and postdoctoral students (generally funded) should use the funds towards research expenses related to their proposed project

3. Research Plan (two pages maximum): Prepare a concise research plan which includes:

a. short background on the issue you are doing research on

b. methodology and analysis plan (if you are conducting human subjects research, you must provide a plan for IRB submission or proof of IRB approval or exemption).

c. the significance of the project to CEID’s mission

d. proposed outcomes and products, and timeline (projects can be completed in 12 months but must be started in summer 2024)

4. Faculty Letter of Support: Include a letter of support from your faculty advisor or research mentor. (If you are conducting research with an external organization, the letter can be from the supervisor who will oversee the research). The letter should affirm the feasibility of your proposed research project and should also attest to your capabilities as a researcher and any relevant experience or background. Faculty and research supervisors should ensure responsible conduct of research during project implementation. (The letter should be emailed directly from the faculty member to The email should have the subject line “CEID Student Summer Research Grant Recommendation” and include in the body the name of the student the letter is supporting.)

Expectations for award:

1. Provide a written final report

2. Present research results at a CEID faculty meeting

3. Share project summary to be included in CEID website and center publications

4. Acknowledge CEID funding in publications, abstracts or conference talks related to funded research