Boston University is creating something entirely new. The Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences (CDS) is a truly interdisciplinary academic unit free from the limits of traditional academic structure. It has no schools, no departments, no divisions. It includes and transcends all disciplines, just as its emerging field now does.

The unifying force is the innovative application of technologies and methodologies. CDS is a catalyst for synergy and integration of computing and data sciences research and education programs across the landscape of academic disciplines at Boston University.

For you—and fellow visionaries—we are an opportunity to shape the future of computing and to apply new ways of thinking.

It’s about how we pursue scholarship.

What makes CDS new and different is defined by how its faculty members pursue scholarship and not by what scholarship they pursue.

Traditional organization of academic institutions reflects the academic disciplines being studied, whether science, the arts, engineering, business, or any other field. Each discipline creates a distinct community defined by the specific scholarship it pursues. CDS is defined by computing and data sciences ways of thinking as they apply across all fields of study.

While other universities have adopted new organizations in this area, they typically take the form of a new school or, perhaps, division. A repackaging. CDS is a novel, collaborative structure that serves as an interface between our traditional units and those interested in computing and data sciences.

Who CDS is looking for.

We are building a community of scholars and researchers who believe in the potential of computing and data sciences to not just advance but transform their disciplines. Some will be solely appointed to CDS, while others will have joint appointments in our various schools and colleges. All will advance scholarship and expedite discovery and innovation through the application of computing and data sciences methodologies.

If this is your vision of an exciting future, we invite you to join us.