Research Positions

Postdoctoral Researcher Positions

Faculty in CDS invite applications for several postdoctoral researcher positions. Our available opportunities are listed below. Please click through on each opportunity for information about specific application processes. Postdoctoral researcher qualifications include a PhD, a strong record of research, and a demonstrated capacity for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Free Speech, Social Media and Democracy

Professor Marshall Van Alstyne and several collaborators are seeking a postdoctoral researcher to support a new research project to use markets to address manipulated information online. Please see the full opportunity here.

Algorithmic lens on experimental biology

The Cleary Lab is looking for postdocs interested in theoretical, experimental, and computational work aimed at understanding the nature of cellular pathways and the principles of tissue organization. The group is co-located in the Biological Design Center in the Center for Integrated Life Sciences & Engineering. Interested candidates should email Professor Cleary.

Algorithms for genomics data

The Przytycki Lab is hiring postdocs to develop algorithms for the analysis and interpretation of large-scale genomics data, with a focus on the role of the non-coding genome in development and disease. Interested postdoc candidates should email Professor Przytycki, including a cover letter describing their research interests and a CV including contact information for three references.

Molecular biology and/or bioinformatics

The Fiszbein Lab is recruiting postdocs with strong backgrounds in molecular biology and/or bioinformatics. Please email Professor Fiszbein to learn more. Include a CV, a research statement, and motivation to work with us.

Interdisciplinary position in generative AI in business

Professor Dokyun "DK" Lee and the Digital Business Institute (DBI) at Questrom School of Business in conjunction with Computing & Data Sciences at Boston University is seeking an interdisciplinary postdoctoral researcher to support a research program around the applications and consequences of generative AI in business. Please see the full opportunity here.

Postdoctoral Researchers at CDS - Benefits & Information

The Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences (CDS) is a university-wide, degree-granting academic unit that augments and complements the traditional cognate disciplines of computer science, computer engineering, and statistics by laying the foundation for innovation-driven, civic-minded computing to maximize the real-world impact of its research, curricular, and co-curricular programs. Consequently, postdoctoral researchers in CDS will have a unique opportunity to work with faculty mentors and collaborators from across the university on dynamic and impactful research projects.

Boston University offers competitive salaries, along with substantial resources and benefits to its postdoctoral researchers. The Office of Professional Development & Postdoctoral Affairs is a university-level office that provides information, support, community, and professional development to postdocs.

Postdoctoral researchers and their qualifying family members are also eligible for the same employment benefits as faculty and staff. A full list of the outstanding benefits programs offered is available at the BU HR website. Some examples of benefits include paid time off, flexible spending accounts, and access to university rates for parking or public transit passes.

Postdocs appointed through CDS also qualify for shared office space in the top five floors of an iconic 19-story building with a convention-bending design that also houses BU's CS and Math departments, the Hariri Institute for Computing, and state-of-the-art classrooms, labs, and collaboration spaces. Postdocs also benefit from access to an extensive research infrastructure, including BU's Shared Computing Cluster. Opportunities for integrating teaching and mentor training are also available.

For questions or more information about anything listed here, please contact Chris DeVits, CDS Director of Administration, at