DEI Values & Commitments

Commitment to Diversity + Inclusion

CDS is a clean slate. That means starting from scratch and ensuring that our commitment to diversity and inclusion is at the core of our organization.

Our vision is to:

Democratize access to computing and data sciences

We’re committed to making CDS accessible to students—including women, people of color, and first-generation college students—who may have never envisioned themselves as data scientists. By carefully curating the curriculum to encourage all students to consider STEM career paths, we break down barriers to access.

Increase diversity of thought and lived experiences

Advances in computing and data sciences aren’t made in a vacuum. The technology needs to be pressure tested in the real world by people who think about it—and interact with it—in many different ways.

Create community—big yet small

To ensure students and faculty from across the University have the ability to apply computing and data sciences to their field of choice, we’re making a concerted effort to build a community that transcends disciplines. Within this broader group, there are multiple ways for people to form small, affinity-based communities to create or strengthen networks and conduct specialized research.

Data sciences evens the playing field

Through our research, partnerships, and experiential learning programs, CDS helps address issues of inequity. Specifically, the CDS Impact Hub on Equity is designed to facilitate collaboration between BU and community partners to build solutions that make a difference.