MesComputing: Report Ranks This US City As World’s Top AI Hub

Excerpt from MesComputing | By: Samara Lynn | June 26, 2024 | Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Those interested in careers in artificial intelligence or launching an AI startup may want to head to the East Coast instead of Silicon Valley.

I was surprised to see Boston ranked as the No. 1 AI hub in the world, according to a report from Linkee, an AI software company.

Boston? Really?

As a native New Yorker and New York sports fan, my initial instinct was to roll my eyes. Then I looked at the methodology for Boston's ranking.

The data looked at several factors across the major cities in the world: number of available AI jobs, salaries for AI professionals, amount of AI institutions and research centers, as well as the number of established AI companies.

Those factors were computed into an aggregate scoring system, and Boston came out on top. There were several reasons why.

Boston had the highest average salaries across many AI professions, including data and machine learning specialists. It also had among the highest number of AI jobs open and AI research facilities, including Boston University's Rafik Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science & Engineering

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