IBM Researcher Joins CDS as Newest Faculty Member

The Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences is pleased to announce the appointment of Krzysztof Onak to assistant professor, beginning January 2021.

Onak has worked for a number of years in industry, most recently at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, and we are delighted to welcome him as our first full-time faculty member. His expertise lies in the field of algorithms for big data and AI applications, and his main research interests concern big data computation with limited resources, including algorithms for modern parallel and distributed systems, sublinear-time algorithms, and streaming. During his time at IBM Research, he has participated in a broad range of cross-disciplinary applied projects.

Krzysztof received his master’s degree from the University of Warsaw and his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before joining IBM, he was a Simons postdoctoral fellow at Carnegie Mellon University.

Join us in welcoming Krzystof Onak to the Boston University community!