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Hyun Soo Suh

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Program: MA in Economics

Graduation Year: September 2020

Why did you choose to come to BU for your graduate degree?

I chose Boston University because it offers a strong economics curriculum with great faculty members. Also, the location itself is a great advantage of BU. It is in the center of Boston and close to other universities, which allowed me to broaden my academic experience. 

What was your favorite part about attending BU and studying in the USA?

I would say the professors were my favorite part of BU. They are always present for the students and open to questions on the lecture materials and research. The interaction between the professors and students was active in class and I reached them during office hours and by email. Luckily, I was able to build a strong relationship with some professors and participated in several research projects.

What is the biggest difference between your experience in the USA and in your home country?

Family. During my undergraduate years, although I lived alone near campus, I could visit my family and grandparents whenever I wanted to. Here, I miss them the most, as well as my beloved dog, Etoile. However, technology allows us to keep in touch, and I like spending time Facetiming them. Fortunately, I installed the application on my grandparents’ phones and taught them how to use it before I came to the US. 

What is one unique opportunity you have had because of your choice to study at BU?

A research opportunity. I met great professors during coursework and was able to reach out to professors outside of the Economics department. I had the opportunity to participate in research projects related to my interests at the Department of Economics, the BU Pardee School of Global Studies, and the School of Social Work. The latter project led me to work as a research fellow after graduation, and I am learning new things every day. 

What are you doing now as a recent graduate?

I recently graduated from the MA program and am currently working as a full-time Research Fellow at BU School of Social Work and part-time Research Technician at the University of Connecticut. I am working remotely, but I have weekly meetings with professors to touch base on the projects. Although I miss my time on campus, working from home has given me the new experience of collaborating with professors via Zoom and learning to better manage my time. Besides working, I am enjoying my time in Boston, jogging near the Charles River, and visiting beautiful parks in the city.

What is your dream career?

I plan to enroll in a Ph.D. program in Economics. After obtaining the graduate degree, I hope to join academia and work as a professor and researcher. There is still a long way to go, but I will keep doing my best.

Where do you hope to live now that you have graduated?

It really depends on my academic path, but I would like to go back to Korea or stay in the US. Among the states, I prefer Massachusetts and California. My family lived in Los Angeles for a while, and I really enjoyed the weather and tranquility, which are two great features of California.