There are two primary challenges associated with helping students in distress.  The first is recognizing when a student is in distress and the second is connecting the student with the appropriate resources.  Student Health Services has created an excellent web site designed to guide you through Helping Students in Distress.  The site will help you identify students in distress and explain how you can help them including how to refer students to appropriate campus resources.  We strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with this site on a regular basis.

Although web sites are an effective means of sharing information there is no substitution for consulting with a colleague about a student in distress.   With that in mind you are welcome to contact the CAS Advising Center (617-353-2400, at any time to consult on how to best help a student in distress.  We maintain close relationships with virtually every student service office on campus and can help insure that a student’s concerns are addressed in a timely manner.