Students may minor in any minor offered at the University.  A list of all minors available to CAS students can be found here in the “degree options” column:

Some minors outside of CAS require pre-approval:

COM: students interested in minoring in any of the 3 COM minors must first take COM CO201 and earn a grade of C or higher.  The participating COM department will then must sign off on the COM Minor Form. The student would then take that completed form to CAS Advising to be processed.

ENG: Students interested in a minor in Engineering Sciences should meet with the appropriate Associate Chair of Undergraduate Programs for the department/track that they plan to complete.  They should bring the application form found here:

Undergraduate Associate Chairs for:

Track A – Mechanical Engineering: Prof. Ray Nagem

Track B – Electrical Engineering: Prof. Tom Little

Track C – Biomedical Engineering: Prof. Steven Colburn

SHA: The minor in Hospitality has a significant course requirement and students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Senior Academic Counselor Abby Raspallo,