Transferring Credits from Outside of Boston University

Information on Transfer Credits taken within the United States:

  • Transfer credit must be taken in an accredited program at an accredited college or university.
  • A minimum grade of C is required in any course for which a student seeks transfer credit.
  • Courses receive no more than the number of credits earned at the host institution (e.g. if a course is worth 3 semester credits at the outside college or university, it will transfer in as 3 credits to BU; courses taken on a trimester or quarter system will be converted to semester credits accordingly).
  • Courses must carry at least 2.5 BU credits in order to be equated to CAS courses.
  • Students pursuing summer coursework within the metropolitan Boston area must take such courses at Boston University unless:
    • A) the course is a degree requirement and is not offered in the Boston University summer term, or
    • B) the student receives written pre-approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies of the relevant Boston University department and the Associate Dean for Student Academic Life

To get approval to take a course from a non-Boston University domestic program, click here.


Information on Transfer Credits taken outside of the United States:

  • All Boston University students considering taking a non-BU course abroad for transfer credit are required to consult with the BU Study Abroad Program Manager for External Programs prior to applying for an international study program in order to determine if the program they have selected is acceptable under University policy. Transfer credit must be approved in advance.  No credit will be given for courses that do not receive official BU approval in advance.
  • All information and guidelines to follow may be found here.

If you are a transfer student, please refer to the Transfer Admissions process.

If you are an incoming BU student, please contact Admissions to discuss external credit.