degree requirements pyramid

Candidates for the bachelor of arts in the College of Arts & Sciences must satisfy proficiency requirements in 1) writing, 2) foreign language, 3) mathematics, 4) general education breadth (Divisional Studies, Core Curriculum or pieces of both), and 5) the selected major. Each requirement is outlined below. All College of Arts & Sciences students must complete a minimum of 32 four-credit courses (128 credits) and maintain a grade point average of 2.0.

  1. Writing Proficiency
    For more information about the Writing Program curriculum, course descriptions, tutoring, and more, go here.
  2. Foreign Language Proficiency:
  3. Mathematics Proficiency 
  4. Breadth General Education Requirements
    Please note that students participating in the Core Curriculum, but not completing all 8 courses, can use Core courses to fulfill Divisional Studies requirements.

    1. Divisional Studies courses
    2. Core Curriculum overview: helpful information sheets about the Core Curriculum (how it counts toward majors, course descriptions, etc.) can be found here.
  5. Majors and minors open to CAS students (and their requirements).

All course descriptions can be found here.