In matters of personnel, the Boston University Code of Ethical Conduct and the Boston University Faculty Handbook are the governing documents. The policies and practices of CAS must be consistent with the policies of Boston University as a whole. All faculty should be familiar with the BU Faculty Handbook. If you see a discrepancy between the BU Faculty Handbook and the CAS Faculty and Staff Handbook, please notify the Office of the Dean.

This semester’s Faculty Actions Deadlines are detailed here.

For forms related to faculty actions, see the forms page.

Recruitment and Appointments

  1. Ranks and Titles
  2. Recruitment and Appointment Procedures
  3. Tenure-track Faculty Appointment Period
  4. Voting on Personnel Issues
  5. Required Appointment Documents
  6. International Faculty Visas
  7. Joint Appointments
  8. Lecturer Consolidations
  9. Two-semester Contracts for Part-time Lecturers

Expectations and Workload

  1. Mid-tenure Review of Tenure-track Faculty
  2. Tenure-track and Tenured Faculty Expectations
  3. Teaching and Research Workload
  4. PT Teaching Efforts
  5. External Teaching and Course Development
  6. Professional Service and Citizenship

Career Development

  1. Resources
  2. Faculty Career Support & Professional Development
  3. Mentoring
  4. Tenure and Promotion
  5. Lecturer Promotion
  6. Retirement and Emeritus Status

Salary, Compensation and Support

  1. Faculty Merit Exercise
  2. Faculty Annual Reports and External Activity Reports
  3. Academic Researcher Annual Performance Appraisal
  4. Fellowship Salary Gap Policy
  5. Faculty Research Accounts
  6. Conference Travel Support
  7. Overbase Teaching
  8. Teaching Buyouts
  9. Departmental Salary Return
  10. Junior Scholar Leave, Sabbaticals, and Academic Leave of Absence
  11. FT Lecturer Professional Development Leave
  12. Non-academic Leaves: Personal, Family, and Parental Leaves

Teaching Awards

  1. CAS Teaching Awards
  2. Metcalf Awards
  3. Boston University Provost’s Scholar Teacher of the Year Award

Committee on Diversity and Inclusion 

  1. Committee on Diversity and Inclusion
  2. National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity Membership