The Directory contains a list of ongoing STEM programs at BU. Please click on the program titles, visit our Partner With Us page, or contact the appropriate contact person for more information on each program.

Program Category Description Contact
AI4ALL K-12 Outreach; Lernet 3-week summer program for high school sophomore and junior girls interested in artificial intelligence Cynthia Brossman
The Artemis Project K-12 Outreach; Lernet 5-week summer program for girls entering 9th grade who are interested in computer science Cynthia Brossman
Biology Inquiry and Outreach w/ Boston University Graduate Students (BIOBUGS) K-12 Outreach; Lernet A series of 3-hour exploratory labs held by LERNet and the Biology Graduate Student Association that explores various topics in science with high school students Cynthia Brossman
Boston University Physics Teacher Network Teachers A network of physics and astronomy educators that encourages shared discussion and growth in physics education Mark Greenman
Boston University Women in Chemistry (BUWIC) Graduate Students A student-run organization at BU for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars that offers research seminars, discussion panels, and mentoring at local high schools.
CityLab: Urban Squash K-12 Outreach A biotechnology laboratory for K-12 students in community squash programs interested in learning about the science behind health and athletics data Don Derosa
Codebreakers K-12 Outreach; Lernet Summer program for high school freshmen and sophomore girls that teaches computer and information security Cynthia Brossman
Elegant Atoms Project Teachers A program that provides teachers with new techniques and models for teaching chemistry and other sciences; currently redesigning format and curriculum Paul Trunfio
Girls Get Math K-12 Outreach
Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWISE) K-12 Outreach; Graduate Students A student-run organization at BU for graduate women in STEM fields that offers opportunities to mentor undergraduates and students in elementary or middle school
Greater Boston Research Opportunities for Young Women (GROW) K-12 Outreach; Lernet 6-week research internship for high school women pursuing careers in STEM research Cynthia Brossman
NetSci High K-12 Outreach A year-long research program for high school students interested in network and data sciences, hosted by the Center for Polymer Studies. Paul Trunfio
Programs in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS) K-12 Outreach 6-week summer program encouraging high school students to explore mathematics principles and solve complex problems 617-353-2563
Programs in Mathematics for Young Scientists (PROMYS) for Teachers Teachers 6-week intensive program for secondary school teachers who want time to practice solving mathematics and discuss curricular techniques for the classroom 617-353-2563
Project Accelerate K-12 Outreach A program offering AP Physics with online and tutoring components to high school students whose schools do not regularly offer the course. Mark Greenman
REU – PRO Undergraduates Summer program for undergraduates interested in researching topics in physics 
REU – BRITE Bioinformatics Undergraduates 10-week program for undergraduates who, mentored by faculty and graduate students, study and research topics in bioinformatics Johanna Vasquez
REU – Chemistry Undergraduates 10-week summer program for undergraduates looking to perform full-time research in chemistry in a BU on-campus lab John Snyder
REU – Integrated Nanomanufacturing Undergraduates 10-week summer program for non-BU undergraduates to perform interdisciplinary research in mechanical, biomedical, electrical, and computer and materials science engineering fields Helen Fawcett
REU – Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) Undergraduates 10-week, full-time research program in a campus lab for college juniors and seniors studying in STEM fields
Research in Science & Engineering (RISE) K-12 Outreach 6-week summer program that invites high school seniors to undergo a Practicum or an Internship while conducting research in university laboratories 617-358-3034
SET in the City K-12 Outreach; Lernet Day-long program for high school girls that encourages scientific networking through professional talks on research and STEM field careers Cynthia Brossman
STEM Pathways Undergraduates An outreach program of the Living Computing Project that provides undergraduates with STEM research opportunities in biology and engineering Email
SummerLab K – 12 Outreach Summer extension of CityLab that holds two different week-long lab exercises in molecular biology for K-12 students
Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics Undergraduates A program for undergraduates interested in applying their knowledge of math, statistics, biology, or health sciences towards solving health problems
Summer Pathways K-12 Outreach; Lernet 1-week summer program for high school junior and senior females interested in an immersive experience of math and science Cynthia Brossman
Summer Training as Research Scholars (STaRS) Undergraduates 10-week program for undergraduates interested in pursuing graduate education in science and medicine, hosted by faculty in a departmental laboratory
Tech Savvy K-12 Outreach; Lernet Week-long summer program for girls entering 7th & 8th grade who are interested in computing, technology, and engineering (sponsored by Boston Area Girls STEM Collaborative) Cynthia Brossman
Technology Innovations Scholars Program (TISP) K-12 Outreach; Undergraduate College of Engineering program that trains undergraduates to teach middle and high school students around the country about the field of engineering Stacey Freeman
U-Design K-12 Outreach College of Engineering program that offers students in grades 6-9 experience working in laboratories to explore their interest in engineering design through creative workshops 617-353-6919
Upward Bound Math Science K-12 Outreach Wheelock College program that provides tutoring and classes for low-income and first-generation college-bound high school students, as well as a 6-week summer intensive designed to prepare students for college Alison Cox
Weekday Physics Labs K-12 Outreach 4-hour physics labs hosted throughout the year by the BU physics department for high school students. Mark Greenman
Women in Physics Graduate Students Foster a community to promote the advancement and success of female physicists