Daryl Healea, Assistant Dean

725 Commonwealth Ave, Room 102
(617) 353-7004

What are the main functions of Curriculum & Enrollment Services?

Curriculum and Enrollment Services is housed in the Undergraduate Academic Program Office. Responsibilities include the following:

  • Class scheduling (working with both departments and the Registrar)
  • Enrollment planning & management
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Media/Space Management liaison/advocate for CAS
  • Assistance with orientation and academic year registration
  • Student course evaluations

Why contact this office?

Contact Curriculum and Enrollment Services if you/your department:

  • Are concerned about enrollments being larger or smaller than planned
  • Need to add, cancel, or adjust classes
  • Have a question about media/classrooms, classroom availability, or an instructor’s needs
  • Have a data need/request
  • Have a question about functions in UIS or on the Link
  • Need training on/access to the Academic Planning Database
  • Would like training on a particular technology in a classroom
  • Need orientation for new staff working with scheduling/enrollment