SY101 A1 (Online Only): Senior Year Career Development (Identifying, Pursuing & Landing a Job) 

CAS Seniors only

SY101 is a 1-credit, Pass/Fail course open to CAS Seniors in the spring semester of their senior year. 
SY101 will help seniors develop a plan of action for pursuing the right fit beyond graduation. Students will do self-assessments to help focus their search, identify potential employers, build effective resumes and cover letters, strengthen networking and interviewing skills and develop and individualized plan of action.

This class is only offered online.

CAS SY101 A4 & A5: Intro to Adulting

Seniors Only.

Prepare for the “real world” and learn about financial planning, job benefits & salary negotiations, healthcare, taxes, independent living & apartment hunting, basics of investing and retirement plans, as well as general life maintenance.

Section A2: Wednesday 10:10A-11:25 A

Section A3: Wednesday 2:30p-3:45p

Section A4: Thursday 12:30p-1:45p