Fall 2018

WebReg begins: Sunday, April 8
GRS Registration Deadline: Friday, May 11
Payment Deadline for continuing students: TBD
Payment Deadline for new students: TBD
Other Important Registration Dates

Standard courses may be added via WebReg through Monday, September 17th.

Standard courses may be dropped without a “W” grade through Friday, November 9.

Standard courses may be dropped with a “W” grade through Sunday, December 9. Courses dropped with a “W” grade are not covered by GRS Financial Aid.

The above dates are for Standard Courses; view non-standard course information using the Class Schedule function on the Student Link.

All students are responsible for knowing the requirements of their degree program and the GRS rules and policies as stated in the GRS Bulletin.

To be eligible to register, each student must be compliant with the University. Please see the University Registrar’s website for compliance requirements. Students can check their compliance status under the Personal Tab on the StudentLink. Each student must also have a zero balance on their student account before they can register for the upcoming semester.

Web Registration (WebReg) is available to all students registering for credits.

  • Fill in the Registration Form and see your advisor or Director of Graduate Studies for review and signature
  • Obtain Academic Advising Code from your department. Students for whom there are no advising codes must register through the GRS Office.
  • Register for Fall 2018 courses using WebReg.  Access WebReg by selecting “Registration” under the Academics Tab on the StudentLink. Courses requiring stamped approval may be added in the department of the course, or after approval is obtained, in the GRS Office or Registrar’s Office. For closed courses, Class Adjustment forms, with professor’s signature, can be processed through the GRS Office or Registrar’s Office.
  • If registering for less than 12 credits, proceed to the instructions under the Full-Time Student Status section of this page.

Students registering for 12-18 credits are considered full-time by credits.

Students who are not registering for credit but are continuing to make progress toward their degree should register for Continuing Study Status by filling out the Continuing Study and Certified Full-Time Status form and submitting it to the GRS Office. There are two types of Continuing Study Status in GRS:

  • Continuing Study, Full-Time Status: Students who have completed all course or credit requirements but are otherwise engaged in full-time progress towards the degree. Full-time employees of the University and those with other full-time outside employment are not eligible for this status.
  • Continuing Study, Part-Time Status: Students who have completed all course or credit requirements but are otherwise engaged in part-time progress towards the degree.

Certified Full-Time Status: If a PhD student is enrolled for less than 12 credits, and is receiving a full stipend, then the student is automatically considered to have full-time status. No further registration paperwork is necessary. All PhD students who are not receiving a full stipend who are registered for less than 12 credits but who are engaged in full-time progress toward their degree must complete the Continuing Study and Certified Full-Time Status form and file it with the GRS office in order to be considered a full-time student.

Please see the GRS Bulletin for policies on auditing courses.

To officially audit a course, students should complete the Class Adjustment form. A properly completed form will include the college of the course, course and section number, credit hours, signature of the course instructor, and effective date of action in the fourth section of the form, on the “GR to AU” line, shown here. Incorrectly completed forms will delay processing of the audit request.

Important: Most International Students are required to have full-time student status either by course registration or by certification.

Details regarding the fall semester bill should be available on the StudentLink. Students who have been awarded a fellowship or scholarship will see their scholarship award appear on their student accounts, which can be viewed via the StudentLink. If the scholarship is not accurately reflected, please contact the GRS Financial Aid Office.

Students must meet the payment deadlines to avoid late fees.

For further information regarding registration policies or procedures please contact your department directly or the Records Office in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at grsrec@bu.edu.