Since private educational loans generally have higher interest rates than Federal Stafford Loans, we recommend you first consider borrowing the Stafford Loan which is for U.S. citizens and permanent residents only.

Unlike Federal Stafford Loans, private educational loans and the Federal Graduate PLUS Loan are credit-based.

Graduate PLUS Loan: U.S. citizens and permanent residents may first apply on their own. Students unable to meet the credit criteria may be able to borrow with a co-signer or “endorser.” International students are not eligible to apply for the Graduate PLUS Loan.

Private-based Loans: U.S. citizens and permanent residents may first apply on their own or use a co-signer. International students must apply with a creditworthy U.S. citizen or permanent resident with a U.S.-based address.

If you need to borrow additional funding to help cover educational costs, we advise choosing only one other loan option (in addition to the Stafford loan) to simplify repayment in the future. You can opt to use any lender of your choice whether or not the lender is listed here or in other University material.

For more information on credit-based loans available to graduate students, including the Federal Graduate PLUS loan and a sample of other private lenders, please visit: All Other Graduate Student Loans.  *The Graduate PLUS loan request form is available through this link.  Please submit completed loan request forms to GRS Financial Aid (705 Commonwealth Avenue, Room 112).

Please remember that total financial aid, including federal and private loans, scholarships, stipends, work study, etc., cannot exceed your cost of attendance (tuition, fees, and living expenses).