Boston University’s Sustainability Efforts and Earth & Environment Career Outlook

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Boston University puts sustainability efforts at the forefront as it’s leading the way in sustainability with smart, eco-friendly initiatives and a community committed to making a difference.

BU is currently undertaking a wide range of programs and projects with engaging members of the BU community and partners to transform the university’s planning and operations—advancing the BU Climate Action Plan goals.

Some of these projects include renovating and building energy and water-efficient establishments with reused materials and recycled waste. BU is also matching 100% of our electricity needs with new reusable sources of energy—using solar panels and wind turbines. 

Along with BU Climate Action Plan goals, The Boston University Graduate Program in Biogeoscience and Environmental Health (BU URBAN) is one of a few graduate programs to address real-world urban environmental challenges. Here, students engage with partners outside of academia, participate in solution-based internships, and prioritize interdisciplinary science to become the next leaders in sustainability. 

At the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, we offer three master’s degrees under the Department of Earth & Environment, fostering a community that wants to leave a positive mark on the world. The MA in Earth & Environment program is for students who are interested in the human dimensions of the environment, the physical systems of the Earth, and/or the intersection of the two. The MS in Energy & Environment program is ideal for those who want to shape environmental policy and planning and excel at energy analysis and environmental consulting. The MS in Remote Sensing & Geospatial Sciences program will educate you in both the underlying theory and the application of remote sensing, spatial analytical methods, digital cartography, and geographic information systems. Our alumni go on to pursue career paths in industry, government, and non-profit sectors. Whether it’s environmental consulting, addressing challenges at nonprofits and NGOs, becoming researchers and policymakers in the government, or working at small and large private firms, Alumni find their way to make a difference on the earth. 

At BU, we envision a sustainable and equitable future where environmental, social, and economic conditions foster health and well-being for all people and the natural world. Chat with any of our ambassadors on the GRS chat to learn more about BU’s sustainability efforts!


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