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Arts & Sciences has received a gift from an anonymous donor to set up a new endowment fund for the American & New England Studies Program.

The American & New England Studies Program Endowment Fund will provide support for the academic and professional development of PhD students, from recruitment until graduation, including research and conference travel, as well as public-facing work in the humanities.

Joseph Rezek“I am thrilled about this anonymous gift, which establishes a new endowment to support the American & New England Studies Program,” said Joseph Rezek, associate professor of English and Director of American & New England Studies. “The gift is a great testament to the prestige and impact of our PhD Program.”

Established in 1970, American & New England Studies is a nationally-recognized interdisciplinary program dedicated to the study of American society in a local, national, and global context. The programs’ students and faculty study the disparate and interconnected cultures of the United States as seen in the ideas and actions of its people, and as expressed in a range of forms, including culture, the arts, media, literature, and institutions.

The program offers a BA program and a PhD in American Studies, and as well as an undergraduate minor, allowing students to pursue individual interests in areas such as material culture, queer studies, and race in America. The program also organizes the “American Studies for the Future” series, which hosts scholars from around the world.

The use of the endowment will be partly determined by a faculty advisory group. This year the group included Ross Barrett, associate professor of American Art, Kim Sichel, professor of the history of photography and modern art, and Nina Silber, professor of history.