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Impact: Words of Gratitude

By taylormmOctober 17th, 2017in Alumni, Impact

They’re often the most powerful, meaningful words college students commit to paper. And they won’t even earn them a grade or a spot in a prestigious journal. Every year, CAS scholarship recipients decide to express their gratitude in personal notes to their scholarship donors. Read more

Why I Give: Ilana Gauss Found a Community at BU; she gives so others can do the same

By taylormmApril 17th, 2017in Alumni, Impact

Ilana Gauss likes to say that she minored in Hillel at BU. It was at BU Hillel that the marine biology major found a community of friends while helping with Friday services. “I had many opportunities there to grow as a leader,” says Gauss (CAS’99). Those opportunities, combined with College of Arts & Sciences classes, formed the undergraduate experience Gauss honors today through regular gifts to BU. Read more


Impact: A Philosophy for Success

By taylormmApril 17th, 2017in Alumni, Impact

Hideo Itabashi (CAS’49, MED’54) was a quiet, philosophical man with a “keen and critical mind,” according to his friend Charles Griswold, the Borden Parker Bowne Professor of Philosophy at CAS. Itabashi, who died in 2014, was also generous: through donations and a bequest, he honored his years at BU with gifts that will provide financial support in perpetuity to students in the College of Arts & Sciences and the School of Medicine. Read more

Why I Give: Laszlo Beres

By taylormmOctober 17th, 2016in Alumni, Impact

For Laszlo Beres (CAS’67), the road to Boston University was an exceptionally long one—stretching all the way from his hometown of Buj, Hungary, which he fled along with his family one wintry night in the midst of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Read more


Why I Give: Jane Ryan

By Jennifer LiangApril 1st, 2016in Alumni, Impact

Jane Ryan (DGE’55, CAS’57) still remembers when she finished her final exam at BU: January 22, 1957—the launch date for a long, happy teaching career and an affection for BU that has underpinned nearly 45 years of consistent giving. Annual gifts like hers help form the bedrock of the University. Read more


Impact: A Holocaust survivor’s gift is fostering research to help engage minorities in politics

By Jennifer LiangOctober 1st, 2015in Alumni, Impact

Jillian Jaeger wants to know whether the American political system can be more representative of minority and immigrant voters—those who often feel they are outsiders in the electoral process. Specifically, she’s researching the relationship between minority candidates (especially those who are Latino or black) and the information voters use to decide whether to vote for them. Read more

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Economist Raymond Fisman to Join BU Faculty

By Jennifer LiangApril 28th, 2015in Alumni, Impact

BU’s newest economics professor has garnered a lot of attention for parking tickets. Not tickets Raymond Fisman received himself, but those in his much-cited 2006 study showing that UN diplomats from countries with a reputation for corruption, as well as anti-American sentiment, get more parking tickets than diplomats from countries that are considered less corrupt, like Sweden. Read more

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