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The Liberal Arts: Preparing Students to Thrive

Today, the need for a liberal arts education has never been more urgent. Pundits and politicians opine about how society needs more entrepreneurs and fewer philosophers, more engineers and fewer art historians. Yet, in a rapidly changing world, we need graduates who are prepared for what comes next—no matter what comes next.

Our graduates know how to think critically, work across fields, be lifelong learners, and bring a deep understanding of context to the table. Arts & Sciences graduates understand how to analyze the world around them and how to inform their decisions through values, perspective, and data—regardless what career paths and futures they pursue.

Priorities that address an ever-changing world

In a time when nothing is standing still, we have to make strategic choices about where to invest in people, programs, and facilities. To start, we must bring the classroom into the wider world, and the wider world into the classroom.

To those ends, we remain committed to

  • Solving the world’s grand challenges through multi-disciplinary research
  • Understanding the human condition through the lens of the humanities and the social sciences
  • Amplifying and accelerating the integration of computing and data sciences across Arts & Sciences
  • Expanding experiential learning opportunities for undergraduates
  • Advancing diversity and inclusion by ensuring access to all eligible students, regardless of their financial circumstances

Ultimately, our students are our impact: they go on to become the leaders of tomorrow. Some dive deep into their fields of study, emerging, for example, as world-class chemists or prominent museum curators. But many others use the skills and values developed through the liberal arts to become distinguished entrepreneurs, pioneers of medical research, leaders of global economies, writers, and more.

This is our opportunity to help get them there.

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