Graduate Information

To determine your total Cost of Attendance (budget), add the cost of tuition and fees (as either a full-time or a part-time student) to the Standard Living Expenses.  If you enroll in the BU Student Health Insurance Plan, you may also add this cost to the total.  Student Health Insurance costs for 2021-2022 are $3,054 for the BASIC plan and $4,090 for the PLUS plan.  Additional information regarding insurance can be found at Student Accounting Services.

Full-Time Students (12-18 credits per semester)

Tuition (12-18 credits per semester)

$29,280 per semester

Student Services Fee

$184 per semester (Full-time and certified full-time)

Health & Wellness Fee

$235 per semester (Full-time and certified full-time)
Part-Time Students (less than 12 credits per semester)


$1,830 per credit

Student Services Fee

$60 per semester
Standard Living Expenses (based on 9 month academic year: Sept – May)

Room & Board






Books & Supplies


DL Fees*


TOTAL for Living Expenses


*An average of the origination fees for the Direct Stafford Loan that applies to all students regardless of whether the loan is borrowed.