We are aware of the increasing concern around delayed visa appointments for our international students and delayed air travel for both our domestic and international students. Please be assured that we are currently working on alternative enrollment options for our admitted students who may be unable to make it to campus by the start of classes in September.

You will be contacted via email with updates as they become available, and this page will be updated with changes to our deferral policy.

You can find important information regarding the impact of COVID-19 for our graduate students, including a guide to university policy and a list of resources, here.

If you have been offered admission to GRS, but wish to start at a later date:

  • You may request a deferral of your application for up to one full year from your original application term (i.e. from fall 2019 to spring or fall 2020).
  • You may only request a deferral for the same program to which you originally applied. If you wish to enter a different program, you must complete a new application.
  • A request for deferral is not a guarantee of re-admission, but rather a request that your original application be evaluated for admission for a future semester.  Please be aware that your program may not approve your deferral or may not accept applicants for particular terms.
  • The deadline for submission of the Deferral Request Form is August 15 for fall term applicants and December 15 for spring term applicants.  Deferral requests will not be considered after these dates.

To Request a Deferral:

  • Complete and submit the Deferral Request Form.
  • Your original application credentials are kept on file for one year so you need not resubmit them, unless you would like to provide updates. If you wish to submit updated materials such as a personal statement or resume, please contact Graduate School Admissions at the beginning of the admissions cycle (early September).
  • You will not need to pay another application fee.
  • International students who are approved for deferral will be required to submit updated international student documentation (including financial support). Students will be notified by the Graduate School Admissions Office when this required documentation becomes necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: If you were not offered admission, you are not eligible for deferral.  In this instance, you must submit a new application and pay the application fee.