Become a Language Cluster Leader!

This position is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are native or advanced speakers of the target language. Applicants for Academic Year 2020-2021 must be current or newly-approved members of Global House. Hiring preference will be given to students who have already lived in Global House for at least one semester.

Applications for Academic Year 2020-2021 are now closed.


Please note: Language Cluster Leaders are required to live in Global House. Students must submit a Housing Deposit and a Housing Agreement to the Housing Office to be eligible for on-campus housing. Click here to visit the Housing Portal.


Benefits of becoming a Language Cluster Leader

  • Have the opportunity to share linguistic and cultural knowledge with other students
  • Develop leadership and organizational skills through coordination of Language Cluster and Global House events and activities
  • Earn $1000 stipend per semester

Language Cluster Leader responsibilities

  • Reside in Global House. Students who are living off-campus are not eligible to apply.
  • Serve as a liaison between the language cluster and the Director of Global House
  • Speak the target language at least 80% of the time with students in the language cluster.
  • Organize language cluster activities that broaden students’ knowledge of the target cultures. This includes weekly cluster meetings and 3 cultural events per semester (one Single Cluster Event, one Multi-Cluster Event, and one end-of-semester All-Program event)
  • Help students to practice their language skills and remind them to abide by the language pledge
  • Meet regularly with the Global House Director to share ideas about both language cluster and house-wide activities and to discuss cluster members’ engagement with our community
  • Coordinate community activities with other language cluster leaders
  • Communicate regularly with the faculty mentor for your language cluster
  • Help recruit new students to Global House


Frequently Asked Questions: Language Cluster Leaders

Who should I ask for a recommendation, and how should they submit it?

You should ask a BU faculty or staff member who is familiar with your language abilities, cultural knowledge, and/or leadership skills. This letter should be submitted directly to Dr. Webb at All letters of recommendation must be received no later than the application deadline.

How much does this position pay?

Language Cluster Leaders earn $1000 per semester. These wages are paid in weekly installments and are structured as a stipend. This is not a work-study job.

How many hours per week should I expect to work as a Language Cluster Leader?

You should expect to spend 3-5 hours per week working as a Language Cluster Leader. This includes planning and leading a weekly cluster meeting, attending a weekly staff meeting, and working with Global House residents, other cluster leaders, and the Director to plan and implement cultural activities, events, and projects. You may also occasionally be asked to assist with administrative tasks and recruitment events.

If I am a member of one language cluster, can I apply to be the leader of a different language cluster?


If I am a current member of Global House and am hired as a cluster leader for next academic year, do I also need to submit a separate application to continue living in Global House?

No. Students who are currently living in Global House and are hired to serve as cluster leaders for the following academic year do NOT need to reapply as members. Once you are hired, your name will be automatically submitted to BU Housing as “approved to select into Global House.” You will then be able to select your room in Global House during Room Selection.

If I am a current member of Global House and am hired as a cluster leader for next year, will I receive academic credit or a HUB unit for next year as well?

No. Duplication of credit is not permitted. Students may earn a maximum of one HUB unit through Global House. If you have already completed two semesters in the Global House co-curricular and are hired as a Cluster Leader, you will not be re-enrolled in the co-curricular and you will not receive additional HUB units.

If you have not yet completed 2 semesters in Global House and are hired as a cluster leader, you may be able to earn a HUB unit by completing up to 2 semesters as a student in the Global House co-curricular. If you are enrolled in the Global House co-curricular AND serving as a cluster leader at the same time, you will need to complete a small additional project each semester to qualify for the HUB unit. The Director of Global House will discuss these requirements with you during job training.

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