Your class year is determined by the number of completed credits (BU credits, transfer credits, and advanced credits) on our record. It does not include courses for which you are currently enrolled.  Please note: The Degree Advice Report “Credits Applied” count includes both your completed credits and credits in progress, so is not used to determine class year change eligibility.

BU has the following four class years.  In order to change your class year, you must have at least 32 additional credits.

0 to 31 = Freshman
32-63 = Sophomore
64-95 = Junior
96 + = Senior

Approved changes will typically apply to the upcoming semester.  Registration days/times are based on your class year for the semester for which you registering.  For example, if you have junior standing for an upcoming fall semester, you will register as a junior, regardless of what your current spring standing is.

Changing your class year may impact future financial aid awards (specifically Stafford Loans, but maybe others). Please check with Financial Assistance.


CAS Advising Change of Class Year for CAS Students

  • Month & Year (ex: May 2026)