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Summer Research Status Registration

GRS PhD & MFA students not registering for summer courses but engaged during the summer in full-time research as an essential component of their graduate degree programs are eligible for PhD & MFA Summer Registration. Students working more than 20 hours per week are not eligible for full-time status.  Full-time research status eligibility can be met one of two ways:

  1. any PhD or MFA student who receives a minimum stipend of $4,000 during the summer term of May – August
  2. any PhD or MFA student who is working on independent work pertinent to the completion of their degree requirements (please briefly describe this work on the registration form)

Students who are eligible should complete the PhD & MFA Summer Registration Form.

This registration is a no-cost mechanism whereby graduate students who are engaged in academic research during the summer can be appropriately registered as students for purposes of loan eligibility, loan deferment, and tax considerations (FICA rebate). This registration will not generate a tuition charge. Forms should be submitted by Monday, April 10th.

Course Registration

Certain courses taken during the Summer Term at Boston University may be credited toward the MFA and PhD degrees if prior approval is obtained from the candidate’s department/program. Students can take up to two courses for a total of 8-10 credits during each six-week summer session.

Students registering for standard summer term courses should follow the instructions detailed on the Summer Term website.

Students enrolled in coursework during the summer have two enrollment options to meet eligibility for a FICA rebate:

  1. students must enroll for a minimum of 6 credits over both Summer 1 and Summer 2 terms, details found here.
  2. students can request certified full-time registration via an email to describing the independent work pertinent to the completion of their degree requirements being completed during the summer months.