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Strategic Vision

A Strategic Vision to Advance the College and Graduate School

The mission of the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at Boston University is to nurture the discovery, creation, transmission, and application of knowledge and understanding across the humanities and the social, natural, and computational sciences. This mission guides both our long-term strategy and our day-to-day work in the areas of undergraduate and graduate education and academic research.

In 2010, a 10-year plan was developed to enhance all aspects of what we do. The 2010-2020 CAS Strategic Plan commits the college to a wide range of important goals, from increasing financial support for doctoral programs and providing undergraduate students with greater opportunities for research and experiential learning to increasing the size of the faculty and strengthening ties to alumni. We have made great strides toward those goals. The CAS Strategic Plan is an extension of the BU Strategic Plan, which was updated in 2015 to recognize, among other things, the importance of diversity to our institution. In 2015, each department in the college updated its strategic plan as well. We continue to look to the college and University plans for foundational guidance as we identify priorities to advance the mission of CAS. Now, in the final quarter of the 10-year strategic planning period, we are refocusing our efforts on five strategic priorities for CAS: