Meet the Dean’s Advisory Board: Advisors, Ambassadors, and Philanthropic Supporters


The Dean’s Advisory Board was founded in 2008 to advise the dean on broad matters of policy and planning within the college. The alumni, friends, and parents who comprise the board are tasked with three principal responsibilities: as advisors, ambassadors, and philanthropic supporters of the college. They will serve as a leadership group for advancing the quality and qualities of CAS that help it fulfill its mission as expressed in Creating Our Future, 2010-2020: The Strategic Plan of the College of Arts & Sciences:

The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences is to nurture the discovery, creation, transmission and application of knowledge and understanding across the humanities and the social, natural, and computational sciences. This mission applies to all of the college’s members, from the most decorated senior scholars to our matriculating undergraduates, and unifies our three great core tasks of undergraduate education, graduate education, and pioneering research. CAS is Boston University’s standard-bearer for the proud and successful tradition that is liberal education. We also must choose to be active, engaged citizens of the larger communities to which we also belong—the University, the region, the country, and the world—in order for this mission to succeed.


The membership of the Dean’s Advisory Board includes alumni, parents, and other friends of CAS distinguished for their commitment to CAS, higher education, and the liberal arts and sciences; the skills, knowledge, and experiences they can bring to bear on being constructive members of the Board; and their leadership.

Dean’s Advisory Board members have three main roles: as advisors, ambassadors, and philanthropic supporters of the college and its mission.

As advisors, board members individually and collectively serve as a sounding board for the dean and college leadership, helping them to lead the college with wisdom, skill, and creativity. They provide a rich perspective drawn from their varied experiences and knowledge bases outside Boston University. They review, evaluate, and provide insight on improving academic programs, research, student recruitment and student development, operations, alumni relations, fundraising, marketing, and other issues of importance to CAS. Board members are kept well informed of current developments in the college and more widely at Boston University and have interesting opportunities to interact with students, faculty, and college and University leaders.

As ambassadors, board members keep themselves well informed in order to help spread the good word about CAS and BU in their communities and workplaces. Board members help bridge and foster relationships and connections with potential students and their families, other alumni, potential employers of our alumni, and with individuals, corporations, and other organizations that might be in a position to support the college, its students, faculty, and its mission. Board members facilitate and attend events, and engage others with CAS and BU.

As philanthropic supporters, board members make gifts to support the advancement of CAS through the Annual Fund every year at a level agreed through discussion with the dean and her development staff, and where possible, they make gifts at a leadership level that will provide perpetual support to critical goals of excellence. The Dean’s Advisory Board serves as the leadership for the Campaign for CAS and is committed to its success.

The Dean’s Advisory Board meets twice a year, usually in Boston.


Attending the September 2018 meeting (as of 9/13/2018)

Emeritus Members


Important Dates

 May 2–3, 2019 Dean’s Advisory Board Meeting
Advisory Board Meeting Agendas and Materials

For additional information about upcoming meetings or other Advisory Board-related business, please contact:

Meghan Frost
Assistant Dean, CAS
Development and Alumni Relations
(617) 358-6376

Tara Walsh
Senior Development Coordinator, CAS
Development and Alumni Relations
(617) 358-1479