The College of Arts & Sciences has actively participated in the BU Diversity & Inclusion (BU D&I) Emerging Scholars Program since its implementation in 2019. As noted on BU D&I’s website: “The Emerging Scholars Program, supports individuals or groups of emerging scholars from historically underrepresented racial/ethnic groups, through various means—single-day symposia, multiple-day mini-conferences, multiple-day visits, etc. This program is meant to host scholars who are not yet formally on the job market, are in postdoctoral fellowships, or, in rare cases, are in assistant professorships.”

CAS departmental recipients of the Emerging Scholars Program include the following:



  • Contesting Gender: Shifting Identities, Practices, Performance
  • Interrogating Our Origins: Decolonizing the Narrative of Human Evolution

Archaeology and Classics

  • The Archaeology of Identity in the “Peripheries” of the Roman World


  • Emerging Scholars in Global Change Biology

Political Science

  • Identity Politics and International Relations

Psychological & Brain Sciences Developmental Science Program

  • Culture, Ethnicity, Structural Racism, and the Developing Child: An Emerging Scholars Symposium


Astronomy and Physics

  • Emerging Scholars in Cosmology


  • Emerging Scholars in Integrative Diversity


  • Archives and Knowledge Keepers: Native American and Indigenous Studies and the Art of History

History of Art & Architecture

  • African American Art History: Present Coordinate


  • Race in Global Perspective



  • Addressing Race and Racism in Anthropological Genetics and Genomics
  • Addressing Systemic Racism in Health and Medicine


  • Emerging Scholars in Integrative Biology

Earth and Environment

  • Emerging Scholars in Marine Science



  • Migration Matters: Ethnicity, Identity, and Politics Across Borders

Archaeology, Anthropology, and African American Studies

  • Historical Archaeology of the African Diaspora


  • Language Acquisition
  • Language Variation and Change

Psychological & Brain Sciences

  • Clinical Psychology


  • Asian Studies, Religions in America, Africana Religions, Islamic Studies, and Ancient Mediterranean Tradition

Please find general Information for departments seeking to apply in the future below.

  • Fall: Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion notifies department chairs and program directors about the application process and deadlines for new proposals.
  • Early February: Departments submit their applications, including a budget proposal, to the CAS Dean’s Office for an initial review and feedback in early February.
  • Mid-February: CAS advances its recommended proposals to BU D & I in mid-February.
  • March and May: BU Diversity & Inclusion notifies recipients of their decision.

In addition to Emerging Scholars, two BU Diversity & Inclusion University Scholars Programs CAS supports include The Visiting (Senior) Scholars program and The Great Topics program which accept applications year-round.

CAS recipients include the following:


History and African-American Studies

  • American Universities and the History and Legacies of Slavery and Settler Colonialism