Diversity and Inclusion Action Team

The CAS Diversity and Inclusion Action Team (DIAT) was inaugurated in October 2020 as “a representative group across CAS & GRS that [facilitates and implements] diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts, while aiding the Dean’s Office in the allocation of resources to support these efforts.” DIAT is Chaired by the CAS Associate Dean for Diversity & Inclusion (ADDI) and has 12-15 members per term that represent a cross-section of Faculty, Staff, and Students.

*Applications for 2023-2024 DIAT are now closed.

DIAT’s initial areas of focus and responsibility include:

    • Generating a database of D&I related initiatives and needs throughout the College and facilitating communication and collaboration. This includes creating an inventory report of CAS course offerings in race/ethnic/gender/sexuality studies with the intention of expanding those offerings in order to maximize their impact on the college.
    • Administering the CAS D&I Rapid Innovation Fund to assist departments and programs in pursuing their D&I initiatives.
    • Serving as a liaison with student groups.
    • Serving as a liaison with Faculty and programs active in relevant areas of interdisciplinary study, including but not limited to Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, African American Studies, Latin American Studies, and Asian Studies.
    • Promoting and communicating the programs and initiatives of the Vice President and Associate Provost for Community & Inclusion’s office.

Looking ahead to 2023-2024


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