The CAS Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Student Council is a group that was created in Spring ‘22 by the ‘21-22 Diversity & Inclusion Action Team (DIAT) at the Boston University College of Arts & Sciences (CAS). The goal in establishing the Council was to give students a structured and funded way to: Assess and communicate the needs of the CAS student body as they relate to DEI, drive DEI change within CAS, and develop their own DEI initiatives. The Council is currently overseen and funded by the CAS D&I Office.

The Council is made up of 12-15 CAS Undergraduate Students, which represent a cross-section of different years, majors, and backgrounds. Each member of the Council offers a unique perspective and collection of experiences and is committed to making CAS a more diverse and inclusive learning community for everyone. See below to meet the current members of the CAS DEI Student Council!

Our Mission

We, at the CAS DEI Student Council, foster the values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion among the CAS student body and strive to hold the College accountable as it works towards its strategic DEI goals. As a Council, we aim to empower the students of Boston University’s largest college to get involved in DEI work. In addition to spearheading our own initiatives, we offer other individuals and groups working towards their own DEI initiatives support, resources, and grant money.

Grants for Student-led DEI Initiatives

One of our main responsibilities as a Council is to provide funding through grants to other students and student organizations for student-led DEI projects and initiatives.

The application to be considered for a grant is coming soon. In the application we will ask for details about the initiative, including: What it is, how you plan on implementing it, and who else is currently involved with it. The only two requirements for the grants are that 1) your initiative furthers the values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in some way, and 2) that your initiative directly impacts the College of Arts and Sciences. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis – there are a limited number of annual funds, so be sure to apply as soon as possible!

We will be accepting grant applications until April 17, 2023.

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CAS DEI Student Council Initiatives

As a council, each semester we spearhead 3-4 initiatives to promote DEI at CAS. This semester our main initiatives are… 

  1. Creating a DEI Toolkit for all Faculty members that are interested in making their syllabi and courses more inclusive and accessible to their students
  2. Supporting the existing effort to create an  Asian American Studies Program within the College of Arts and Sciences. 
  3. Conducting research to gauge Student and Faculty interest in an Indigenous Studies Program being added to the College of Arts and Sciences. 
  4. Petitioning for the installment of more Gender Neutral Restrooms in the main College of Arts and Sciences Building. 

Application to join the Council!

If you are interested in contributing to student-led DEI work within CAS, apply to be on the CAS DEI Student Council! We are looking for students from all walks of life to offer their unique perspectives to round out the council. We will be accepting applications until April 17, 2023.

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Contact Us

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