COVID-19 Resources

    (Updated 6/8/2021)

    Below is a repository of resources, updates, and links released over the last few months about preparing for the Fall semester and BU-specific COVID-19 topics. New and updated information is regularly released, so we will update and mark when appropriate.

    General Resources

    Classrooms and Teaching


    Final Exams

    General News

    Graduate Students

    Health and Safety Protocols

    • From BU Today:”University Updates Mask-Wearing Guidance” (added March 1)
    • Safety Responsibilities and Protocols, “Protecting our community and each other” (letter from President Brown to all faculty and staff on August 28)
    • Announcing New Backup Care for Children and Elders from the Office of the Provost (added August 20)
    • Faculty and Staff Health Commitments, Expectations, Compliance, and Resources (added August 17)
    • BU Today article, summarizing actions the University is taking, in compliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to improve airflow and ventilation in BU buildings (August 3)
    • Memo from the University on ventilation, outlining  the University’s HVAC Evaluation, ventilation rates for various campus spaces, and precautions occupants can take (July 28)
    • Video presentation by Senior Vice President of Operations Gary Nicksa, discussing the ventilation systems in the University’s 317 buildings
    • The University’s Campus Planning and Operations website has detailed information on building maintenance and operational changes in response to COVID-19.
    • If you have questions for Campus Planning & Operations, you can submit them on their website here.
    • BU’s submission to the MA COVID-19 Higher Education Control Plan (August 10)
    • BU Today article on “How to Wear a Face Mask Properly” (added September 4)
    • BU Today article on bookstore protocols (added September 4)
    • BU Today article on FitRec changes and protocols (added September 9)

    International Student Support

    • Document on supporting remote students globally from the Office of Distance Learning, addressing general issues to consider in order to offer the same student experience, information, and resources to all students, regardless of geographical location (added September 18)


    • Go to this website for the BU-COVID modeling for the reopening plan

    Remote Work/Return to the Office & Campus (Staff)




      Student Support

      Summer Term


      • From BU Today: “Faculty, Staff Will Transition to Unobserved COVID-19 Testing” (added July 12, 2021)
      • BU Today article on BU’s COVID-19 dashboard of data and the launch of Healthway (added August 18)
      • President Brown’s memo about testing protocols and compliance for students, faculty, and staff (added July 27)
      • BU Today article answering testing questions about how it works, categories and placement (including descriptions of the four testing categories), frequency, how and where to get tested, contact tracing, result speed, and BU’s methodology and reasoning behind it (added July 28); there was an initial article on June 17 with similar information.
      • BU Today article on testing pilot results from the medical campus (added August 6)
      • BU Today article on testing categories and preparing staff for the fall semester (added July 10)
      • BU Today POV article on what testing is like (September 4)
      • BU Today video on testing procedure (September 4)
      • BU Today article on contract tracing at BU (September 17)
      • Back2BU information on testing and tracing, with further information about self-monitoring and symptoms to look for, how the University is ensuring community adherence of testing requirements, how you get results, testing costs, what to do if your test comes back positive, and the public health interventions to expect on campus
      • Revised Category 3 Testing Requirements from the Provost (added October 13)



      • From BU Today: “What You Need to Know About Updating Your Vaccination Status for Fall” (added July 9, 2021)
      • From the President: Vaccination Requirement (added July 19, 2021)
      • From BU Today: “BU to Require Faculty, Staff to Get Vaccinated for Fall Semester” (added July 19, 2021)
        • From BU Today: “Staff and Faculty React to BU COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate” (added July 20, 2021)
      • BU Today article, “BU Will Require Students to Get COVID-19 Vaccine for Fall Semester” (added April 12, 2021)
        • Letter from President Brown: “Vaccination and the Fall Semester at Boston University” (added April 12, 2021)
        • BU Today article, “Here’s How to Upload Your COVID-19 Vaccination Documentation” (added April 20, 2021)
      • The Brink article, “COVID Vaccines Arrive at BU: Everything You Need to Know” (added January 28, 2021)
      • BU Today article, “Phase 2 of COVID Vaccines Is Here: What It Means for BU, and You” (added February 2, 2021)
      • From BU Today: “State Vaccine Shortage Pauses BU’s First-Dose Vaccinations” (added March 1)