Founded The College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) at Boston University was founded in 1873 as the College of Liberal Arts. The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS) was founded in 1874 as the School of All Sciences.
Dean Stan Sclaroff, dean of the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences and professor of computer science
Enrollment CAS enrollment (2018/19): Undergraduate enrollment, 6,949; Graduate enrollment, 1,953
Student-Faculty Ratio 10:1
First-Year Student Profile The fall 2018 freshman class of 1,763 students had a mean high school GPA of 3.72 and a mean composite SAT score of 1413. The student population consists of 59.1 percent female and 40.9 percent male.
Diversity The CAS Class of 2022 demonstrates a wide range of ethnic diversity; 20.6% identify as Asian, 10.8% as Hispanic, and 7.5% as African American. The entering class has students from 54 countries and territories, with 25.1% of the class identifying as international. The majority of international students join us from China, India, and South Korea.
Faculty (2018/19) Full-time instructional faculty: 716; part-time faculty: 106; total: 822
Faculty Awards Our faculty includes a MacArthur fellow, a former Poet Laureate of the U.S., a National Book Award winner, members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Sloan Research Fellows, National Institutes of Health grant winners, and Guggenheim fellows.
Degrees Conferred During 2018/19, the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences conferred 1,772 bachelor’s degrees, 548 master’s degrees (MA, MFA, and MS), and 186 doctoral degrees.
Number of Living Alumni

84,445 (CAS); 23,946 (GRS)

Tuition Full-time undergraduate tuition (2019/20) is $54,720 per year, plus housing, meals, and expenses.
Financial Aid BU undergraduate students received over $260 million in grants and scholarships annually. 
Sponsored Research The total dollar amount of new grants and contracts generated for 2019/20 was $83.2 million.